Specialized Services

Our process does three things:

  • Enables management to direct and control the content
  • Management’s ability to review work in progress
  • Makes it easier for “non-writers” to write

Our emphasis on planning before writing allows:

  • Maximum infusion of management guidance
  • Incremental development
  •  Early changes when they are the easiest to make

You can tailor your investment by selecting only the services needed from a menu:

  • SharePoint Hosting
  • Integrating the Proposal Process in a SharePoint Environment ( Folder Structure)
  • SharePoint Configuration for Major Reviews
  • Managing and Leading Major Reviews
  • Creation of a schedule
  • Creation of Compliance Matrix and Outline
  • Conducting a Proposal Value Prop/Win Strategy Session
  • Conducting a strong proposal kickoff – Kickoff presentation
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities / skill mix needed in the proposal team
  • Proposal Writers: A constructive analysis of the process for writing the proposal sections
  • Proposal Graphic Designer and Desktop Publishers:
  • Resume Review and development
  • Past Performance: An analysis of past performance write-ups
  • Capture Management: Our seasoned experts can help you with the pre-proposal (capture)process. We work with your senior managers to thoroughly review your strategic objectives, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and competitive posture. This leads to development of a realistic win plan for any upcoming opportunities. MRM provides expert support in every stage of the capture process. Our flexibility in pricing accommodates small and medium-size companies.