Whole Team Support


We provide a blend of seasoned consultants and technology that creates a flexible team-oriented working environment, minimizing overall proposal development cost by fostering remote (virtual) activity as well as face-to-face interaction when necessary (e.g.. kick-off meeting, strategy sessions, reviews).

Sustaining and Enhancing Growth

No matter the company size, sound business development supported with competitive and compliant proposals are the life blood to sustaining and enhancing growth. Predictable challenges to most companies include:

  • Cost of maintaining Internal resources and capability to consistently produce high quality – winning proposals (aka- “The Proposal Mill”).
  • Conflict in utilizing key personnel and the availability of critical resources needed for proposal efforts. Key people have “day jobs” and are really only effective when utilized as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), not full-time volume leads or writers.
  • Most companies train employees on the proposal process, but they generally need supplemental help in executing processes with additional resources and tools.